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Windsurf equipment at Bonaire Windsurf Place, RRS, Starboard
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Rental Gear

Get ready to hit the warm (+/- 80°F) and shallow water with constant Trade Winds of Lac Bay with our top-quality windsurf rental service. Our gear is updated every year with leading brands such as RRD, Starboard, and Hot Sails Maui, with well over a 100 sails, rigged by our experienced windsurfers.

Come and enjoy the ride!













Hot Sails Maui

The GPX is a powerful, fast and fun freerace sail which morphs from a super fast flat water freerace design in the larger sizes into a more low-end power bump and jump sail in the smaller sizes. 

RRD Sails

In our selection of RRD sails we carry the Fire and the Move.
Light weight freeride and freestyle wave sails.

Rental Rates

Take advantage of unlimited use of our high-quality equipment, with no heavy sails to carry and a same-price policy for all levels. We cater to all disciplines and levels, and provide professional advice on the beach and our boys on the beach will hook you up with the right size sail.

So come and explore the windsurf paradise with us!

Choose from one of our advantage packages,
Consecutive or
Non Consecutive

  • Consecutive: If you plan to windsurf every day

  • Non-Consecutive:  Comfortably choose your sailing days during your stay

Included in your package

  • Same price for all levels of equipment

  • Unlimited use of gear

  • Switch gear anytime in between your sessions

  • We carry your sail for you

  • We are located right on the shore line

  • Personal advice for gear

  • Take a break and hold on to your board by leaving it on our outside rack 

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Prices include all taxes

Equipment rental is only for the person renting.

All sailors agree to accept BWP Appraisal of any damage.

Therefore we highly recommend an insurance, available at checkout. 

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